1.    Roof Inspection

A Value representative will perform the initial roof inspection. All damage found will be properly documented and photographed. 

2.    Filling the Claim

 Once our inspection is finalized we will sit down with you and explain what our     findings mean. If you    decide you want to continue with the process, we will help you file the claim with your homeowner’s insurance. Usually it’s just a phone call to them that does not take more than 10 minutes and we just put them on a speaker so we can give them all the relevant information they need.

3.    Adjuster Inspection

The insurance company will contact you within three to five business days to schedule an inspection. They will send an adjuster who will document and photograph his/her own findings. It is very important that you share with us the date and time of this appointment so a Value associate can be there when the adjuster arrives so we may point out our findings as well and nothing is missed. Your insurance company will contact you within two to three weeks via mail to inform you whether the claim was approved or denied.

4.    Approval or Denial


If the roof is denied by the insurance company you may:

A-     Accept the denial if there is no significant damage found.

B-     Request a re-inspection. Many claims require a second inspection in order for a supervisor of the insurance company to adequately identify and document damage.


An approval letter is usually accompanied by the Scope of Loss Report packet. In this packet you will see line items of everything paid by the insurance. At this time we ask you that you contact your Value associate and let them have a copy of the mentioned report to double check that all appropriate line items are properly accounted for.

5.    First Check, Deductible and Second Check

Your claim will be split in three parts by the insurance company as follows:

A)     First Check

The first part, known as the “Net Claim”, is simply the first check you will receive in the mail. It’s the deposit you will give us along with your deductible. Sometimes the first check represents 30% of the total value of the roof, other times it can be up to 80% of such value. All claims are different.

B)     Deductible

Your deductible is the part of the claim that you are responsible for. Again, all claims are different and your deductible may range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. The deductible is to be paid to us before the work is performed. This deductible, along with the first Check (Net Claim) constitute your deposit.

NOTE: It is illegal in the State of Texas to rebate or waive a deductible. Please refer to the attached copy of Texas law on deductibles.

C)      Second Check

 The final payment, known as the “Recoverable Depreciation”, will be sent via mail by your insurance company once we complete the work and submit the required forms. This is the last payment you will give us. Simply contact your Value associate as soon as it arrives and you are done!

We hope you will enjoy your new roof!