Insurance Claims


We can assist you filing a claim with your insurance company!

Value Roofing LLC will assist you with your insurance claim process. After visiting your property, our insurance claim specialist can beforehand asses the condition of your roof. When the insurance adjustor visit your home, our insurance claim specialist will be present to point out our findings to improve your chances of the insurance company approving your claim. Different Insurance companies have a variety of windstorm or hail damage requirements to approve a claim and it is important that your roofing company knows them. At Value Roofing LLC we have helped numerous customers with their claims and we can certainly assist you, even though we cannot warranty a claim will be approved since that is to the  discretion of the adjuster and your insurance company. 

How Does The Process Work?

If you suspect that your roof has windstorm or hail damage, please give us a call first at (832) 899-0424 in order to inspect your roof and assist you with your insurance claim. Below find the steps that will take place in the process. We have compiled these steps trough years of experience with insurance claims, however you should contact your insurance company and ask them for their specific claims process.

Insurance Claim Steps

  1. Your Value Roofing LLC representative will perform an inspection of your roof, document and share the findings with you. 
  2. If roof damage is found, we will advise that you file a claim with your homeowner s  insurance company. If interior damage is present, those damages should be included in the claim as well.
  3. Once the claim is filed, your insurance company will schedule an appointment for one of their adjusters to inspect your roof and other areas of your home for damages. Please inform us of the time and date of that appointment once you receive the information. 
  4. Your Value Roofing representative will meet with the insurance adjuster on the scheduled date in order to ensure that all damages found at the previous inspection are taken into consideration.
  5. If the insurance adjuster finds enough damage to approve the claim, your insurance company will mail you the first of two checks and also their estimate for the roof replacement and other repairs if applicable.
  6. When you receive those documents your Value Roofing representative will evaluate the estimate with you, show you different products available for your new roof, assist you in choosing your new roof color from our catalogs and sign an installation contract with you.
  7. Once the contract is signed for your new roof and the first insurance check has arrived we will proceed to schedule a date for your roof installation and we will order all the materials to complete your project. Typically a new roof takes from one to three days to install, depending on its size and complexity. There is always a Project Manager present during the installation overseeing the whole  process. 
  8. Upon completion of your roof you will owe us the remainder balance of the project. We will furnish both you and your insurance company with a final invoice showing that we have fulfilled all the work required per the insurance estimate. Approximately within a week your insurance company will send you the second check, which represents the remainder of the claim amount plus any upgrades billed. Please call Value Roofing LLC when that check arrives since it represents the balance owed to us.

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